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Wendy21-Aug-05 06:56 PM EST 3   
Patricia22-Aug-05 05:42 PM EST 5   
Liz24-Aug-05 05:45 PM EST 5b   
Gardening Gal20-Oct-05 07:23 AM EST 5   
Lise Bellazzi03-Apr-06 09:19 AM EST 6a   
Nancy04-Apr-06 05:11 PM EST 5   
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Jillybean07-Apr-06 12:53 AM EST 2b   

Subject: Seed Savers
From: Wendy
Zone: 3
Date: 21-Aug-05 06:56 PM EST

Hi, Went looking through the seeds savers section and it seems as the last post if March 2005. Are there no seed savers? Just curious. Happy Gardening! Wendy

Subject: RE: Seed Savers
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 22-Aug-05 05:42 PM EST

One seed I save is "Grandpa Ott" morning glories - deep purple with fuschia swirls. I give them away at my garden club's Christmas party. They are beautiful!

Subject: RE: Seed Savers
From: Liz (
Zone: 5b
Date: 24-Aug-05 05:45 PM EST

I am a seed saver. I just can't help myself. Even if they don't survive, I enjoy watching plants emerge from a tiny seed. I think it is a kind of sickness. LOL I borrowed some seeds from a shrub about 2 winters ago. I had no idea what it was. I planted it and over the 2 years it has grown (planted outside now)into a beautiful 3-4 ft high bush with tons of flowers on it. I think it is a Rose of Sharon. I am so proud. :)

Subject: RE: Seed Savers
From: Gardening Gal
Zone: 5
Date: 20-Oct-05 07:23 AM EST

I can become a seed saver. I don't cut anything back in the fall so the birds can have their fill during the winter. If anyone wants seeds from: beebalm, blanket flower, campion, checker mallow (white or pink, sorry no guarantees at this time of year), coneflower, Maltese cross, rose of sharon (deep purple), trilobum (?) just from memory or send me a wish list. Also usually have lots of seedlings sprouting in spring if interested. Looking to swap or SAE. Details to

Subject: RE: Seed Savers
From: Lise Bellazzi
Zone: 6a
Date: 03-Apr-06 09:19 AM EST

How long can you keep vegetable seeds? I have some packets left over from last summer that I have been keeping in a sealed jar in the refrigerator.

Subject: RE: Seed Savers
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 04-Apr-06 05:11 PM EST

Hi Lise,

Seed viability depends on the type of vegetable. I find that things like carrots, onions and squash can't be counted on to germinate past 1 year, but peas, beans, tomatos are good for several years. Lettuce is iffy, but I just sow more to compensate until the packet is done.

Subject: RE: Seed Savers
From: Lise
Zone: 5
Date: 05-Apr-06 10:25 AM EST


Thanks for the info. Really appreciated.

Subject: RE: Seed Savers
From: Jillybean
Zone: 2b
Date: 07-Apr-06 12:53 AM EST

My dad has been saving and trading seeds for years. When he moved from a house to an apartment he shared boxes and jars with me and my sister...hollyhocks, impatiens, cosmos, lobelia, and too many more to mention. Now I just have to figure out what will work where!

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