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Mary Ann31-Jul-05 09:19 AM EST 2a   
Patricia 01-Aug-05 10:07 AM EST 5   
wende 01-Aug-05 11:18 AM EST   

Subject: Green peppers seem to be rotting
From: Mary Ann
Zone: 2a
Date: 31-Jul-05 09:19 AM EST

In my green house I have a couple of lovely and healthy green pepper plants. I have a lot of peppers on the plants and the big ones are about the size of a tomato. But two of the peppers seem to rotting right on the plant. What coule be wrong?

Subject: RE: Green peppers seem to be rotting
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 01-Aug-05 10:07 AM EST

Just guessing here: too much humidity?

Subject: RE: Green peppers seem to be rotting
From: wende
Date: 01-Aug-05 11:18 AM EST

could be :Alternaria rot" caused by a fungas , the fungas enters a wound(sunscalds or punture) Dusty black spores on fruit spos are charcteristic . Or"Blossom End rot caused by insuffuceient calcium when fruit are forming , this occurs in Tomatoes as well.

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