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Donna29-Jul-05 11:29 AM EST
Gail18-Aug-05 07:07 AM EST 5a   
tom dawson18-Aug-05 02:57 PM EST 3   

Subject: What's Bugging You - The Doktor Is In!
From: Donna
Date: 29-Jul-05 11:29 AM EST

Just thought I would let you all know that if you go to our home page and click on the black banner where Doktor Doom is, you can now send him any questions you may have on bugs, pests, mosquitoes or anything else...he is there to help and by sending him an email from there, you will get a very quick response to your question!

I am sure you all read my note in a recent issue or our newsletter about the problem I was having with virginia creeper and whitefly - well no more - thanks to the good Doktor.

Subject: RE: What's Bugging You - The Doktor Is In!
From: Gail
Zone: 5a
Date: 18-Aug-05 07:07 AM EST

I have a new magnolia tree--it was planted June 2004. My zone (5a) is not magnolia friendly but I believe some have been successful here. When the winter burlap was removed in spring the tree had about 20 bud-like forms but they did not progress and tree branches with buds did not produce leaves that lived. The tree now has many new leaves and I cut dead branches off. The tree is planted in a protected corner of yard to shelter from wind but does not get a lot of sun. What can I do to help tree live and bloom?

Subject: RE: What's Bugging You - The Doktor Is In!
From: tom dawson
Zone: 3
Date: 18-Aug-05 02:57 PM EST

hi gail, i am not sure gregg (doktor doom) checks in here freguently so you might want to click on the home page "what's bugging you" and it will bring up an email to the doktor -

regards tom

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