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transplanting perrenieals

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kathy23-Jul-05 09:34 PM EST 6a   
Patricia 24-Jul-05 07:12 PM EST 5   

Subject: transplanting perennials
From: kathy
Zone: 6a
Date: 23-Jul-05 09:34 PM EST

I am moving and I need to transpland my perennials. It is the end of July and has been very hot and humid here. What would be the best way to do this. Alot of them have just begun to bloom, like the phlox. Should I cut them back first so the energy goes back to the root system, or what would you suggest.

Subject: RE: transplanting perrenieals
From: Patricia (iris1@rogers.com)
Zone: 5
Date: 24-Jul-05 07:12 PM EST

Kathy - I had the same experience of moving my perennials some years back. Unless your perennials are few in number and each one is a relatively new (and therefore small) division, I would say this: "Take a PIECE of each, not the whole thing". For instance, if you have several different kinds of irises, take one or two fans of each one. How big a piece? As big as what you would see in a pot at a nursery. It's important to water them well, to label them well, to replant them as soon as possible with lots of bone meal, to encourage root growth. When potting up your samples, use good potting soil, nice and light and airy. Don't feed the transplants. You don't want them to try to grow a lot, just to stay healthy. You did not say the date of your move. We moved the last day of August to a new house. I immediately arranged for a landscape guy to come over and create ONE large bed. The plants all went in about the middle of September. Water well in the fall. Put some mulch on top of the plants after the first couple of hard frosts, stuff like a lot of fallen leaves. They will help the plants stay dormant in the winter. Next spring, most of your transplants should show up again. I only lost a few during my move.

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