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Toadstool THings in my Hostos

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Mercyy21-Jul-05 04:32 PM EST
Patricia21-Jul-05 06:28 PM EST 5   

Subject: Toadstool THings in my Hostos
From: Mercyy
Date: 21-Jul-05 04:32 PM EST

Lately I've noticed a lot of little toadstool type things growing amongst my hostas and my hostas don't seem to be doing great. Is this a sign that my soil is lacking something or too wet, etc?

I live in Zone 5A. My hostas are on the east side.

Subject: RE: Toadstool THings in my Hostos
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 21-Jul-05 06:28 PM EST

Mercyy, use a 3-pronged cultivator tool to get rid of toadstools and other things growing in between your "good" plants. Not sure what you mean by "hostas don't seem to be doing great" - are they drooping and lifeless like the V. Creeper? This has been a very dry summer in many places. Plants do need moisture to be happy. Hope this helps!

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