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DB12-Jul-05 10:28 AM EST 6   
Dave s16-Jul-05 06:34 AM EST 5   
BRIAN HALFORD16-Jul-05 04:29 PM EST   
Patricia17-Jul-05 08:52 AM EST 5   
BRIAN HALFORD halfo@telus.net17-Jul-05 07:44 PM EST 3   

Subject: Foxgloves
From: DB
Zone: 6
Date: 12-Jul-05 10:28 AM EST

I recently puchased some Foxglove plants.

I am in Toronto (and it has been sooo hot here). Have I purchased too late in the season or will they still bloom this year?

I can wait until next year, but I'd sure be happy to see them sooner!

Subject: RE: Foxgloves
From: Dave s
Zone: 5
Date: 16-Jul-05 06:34 AM EST

Foxgloves are bi-annual. You may get a few flowers this year,however they usually flower the second year,set seed and die. The good news is that the seed will create new flowering plants for the next year if you dont weed them out.

Subject: RE: Foxgloves
Date: 16-Jul-05 04:29 PM EST

i am looking for information on raising fox glove this is my third try and i really would love to keep it alive healthy and vibrant i live in zone 3

Subject: RE: Foxgloves
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 17-Jul-05 08:52 AM EST

In certain regions, like Ottawa, it is very difficult to over-winter first year foxglove plants. You have these gorgeous plants in the fall of the first year, and then when spring comes, you have a pile of brown mush. I overcome this by growing from seed certain varieties of foxgloves that flower the first year from seed. Stokes carries these seeds - just google them. The varieties I have grown are either "Foxy" or "Camelot".

Subject: RE: Foxgloves
Zone: 3
Date: 17-Jul-05 07:44 PM EST

thanks Patrica if these dont winter Ill give your method a shot

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