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Joanna01-Jul-05 11:35 AM EST 5b   
eileen03-Jul-05 06:37 AM EST   
Rocks04-Jul-05 07:11 AM EST 6b   
Trish05-Jul-05 03:07 PM EST 8   
Judy 07-Jul-05 04:30 PM EST   
Patricia 09-Jul-05 07:29 AM EST 5   

Subject: Ants and Hummingbird feeder
From: Joanna (
Zone: 5b
Date: 01-Jul-05 11:35 AM EST

Can anyone tell me how to keep ants off of my Hummingbird feeder I've tried the foil covered in Vasoline and it did'nt work Thanks

Subject: RE: Ants and Hummingbird feeder
From: eileen
Date: 03-Jul-05 06:37 AM EST

i would also like to know about ants and feeders, pesky critturs.. lol

Subject: RE: Ants and Hummingbird feeder
From: Rocks
Zone: 6b
Date: 04-Jul-05 07:11 AM EST

Hi! I usually use vaseline as well (very sparingly)on the hanging portion, just above the feeder. On one feeder, I use wire to hang it with, and on the other a nylon shoelace. On both of those, I smear a small amount of vaseline, just enough to make it feel greasy to the ants as they try to climb down to the feeder. I don't use alot of vaseline, in case any of the hummers happen to brush up against it accidentally (don't think vaseline on their feathers would be a good thing). This method has worked for me.

Subject: RE: Ants and Hummingbird feeder
From: Trish
Zone: 8
Date: 05-Jul-05 03:07 PM EST

I have a little container which hangs above the feeder. Fill it with water and the ants end up there and not in the feeder. I believe I bought it at Wild Birds Unlimited.

Subject: RE: Ants and Hummingbird feeder
From: Judy
Date: 07-Jul-05 04:30 PM EST

I have used cooking oil on hanger,I use a yarn hanger.Ants do not like it.

Subject: RE: Ants and Hummingbird feeder
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 09-Jul-05 07:29 AM EST

Trish above has it right: most bird supply stores will have a cup that hangs above the hummingbird feeder - which you fill with water. This is a complete barrier to any non-flying insect.

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