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blackening 'leaves' on arborviate

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steve02-Jun-05 07:34 AM EST 4   
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Subject: blackening 'leaves' on arborviate
From: steve (
Zone: 4
Date: 02-Jun-05 07:34 AM EST

Hi, all. I have a number of arborviate on my property -- both the native n. eastern variety as well as the Smargard.I noticed this spring that on several of the smargard cultivars some of the leaves on the lower part of the plant are black. Is this some type of fungus? How can I get rid of it? Thanks.

Subject: RE: blackening 'leaves' on arborviate
From: Pippin
Date: 02-Jun-05 07:19 PM EST

Hi Steve, Is it possible for a dog(s) to be relieving himself on your cedars?I have seen areas of cedars turn black like that when they have been burned by urine. Just a thought.

Subject: RE: blackening 'leaves' on arborviate
From: (
Date: 03-Jun-05 10:16 AM EST

no, garden is walled/hedged in and animals are not present. The blackening isn't on all my arborviate -- just one or two -- and not on the native plants, only the smarrgard cultivars. It almost looks 'fungal'. thanks anwyay. As a preventative/curative, i sprayed the affected plants yesterday w/ an all purpose fungicide. Hope that helps.

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