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grace31-May-05 03:53 PM EST 2b   
Carol31-May-05 04:42 PM EST 5a   
Grace23-Jun-05 06:47 PM EST 4   

Subject: asparagus
From: grace
Zone: 2b
Date: 31-May-05 03:53 PM EST

We've just moved and my new garden has a perennial asparagus bed. As I've no experience with growing them, when do I pick them, can I overpick, what conditions do they like, how do I care for them, etc. Anyone able to help me?

Subject: RE: asparagus
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 31-May-05 04:42 PM EST

Hi Grace, I am fairly new at asparagus myself, however I think you should cut them just below the surface, as soon as they are ready. They are very quick, and will quickly go to seed, if you don't harvest them when they are ready. If you let them go to seed, they have a very pretty fern like leaf. I am sure others here will know more. I love to bake mine in the oven at 400 or 450, in a wee bit of olive oil, for 8 to 10 min. they come out a wee bit crunchie and are delicious. Carol

Subject: RE: asparagus
From: Grace
Zone: 4
Date: 23-Jun-05 06:47 PM EST

Grace, we've grown asparagus for years. As soon as the spears come up and get to be about 6 inches long, I cut them off just below the surface. I used to be very diligent about pulling the grass around mine, but this year, I haven't,,,I've cut it a couple of times after cutting the asparagus, but now that the grass is long, it seems to provide shade and help retain the moisture and the asparagus is growing better than ever. If you don't pick the spears while they are still closed, they will continue to grow and leaf out like fern. They'll get seeds on them in the fall. I just leave these then and wait for winter to pass and have new asparagus each year. It's wonderful. Good luck.

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