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jojo28ca@yahoo.com30-May-05 04:31 PM EST 5b   
tom dawson30-May-05 08:44 PM EST 3   
Joanna31-May-05 04:28 PM EST 5b   

Subject: Gardening Programs
From: (
Zone: 5b
Date: 30-May-05 04:31 PM EST

Is there anyone out there who misses the gardening shows on HGTV?What happened to them,if your like me interior Design is great but enough already!I cant find a gardening show anywhere on TV.Come on HGTV give us green thumbs a gardening program!!!!!!

Subject: RE: Gardening Programs
From: tom dawson
Zone: 3
Date: 30-May-05 08:44 PM EST

it is a shame - we've had other threads on this forum about gardening programs - there was a recent one on the Recreating Eden Series that was cancelled - i really don't understand television exectutives - gardening is the number one leisure activity (if you discount walking) - way above golf = yet golf has its own dedicated channel on cable...

go figure - maybe we don't make enough noise - imagine your local paper removing the sports section, or the television channels deciding that they weren't going to cover sports - would the audience wimper or rage? i wonder :}

tom musing ....

Subject: RE: Gardening Programs
From: Joanna (
Zone: 5b
Date: 31-May-05 04:28 PM EST

Oh god forbid they should take sports away!! Its supposed to be Home and Garden Television,Ok where is the garden part,I dont know about you but I cant find one Gardening program at all.

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