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Heliopsis-Summer sun

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josefa21-May-05 08:28 AM EST 4   
cathaleen21-May-05 04:58 PM EST 3   
Patricia23-May-05 06:46 AM EST 5   

Subject: Heliopsis-Summer sun
From: josefa
Zone: 4
Date: 21-May-05 08:28 AM EST

Hallo, i would like to know, if my heliopsis can still come up ,also my Phlox(david). I have not seen any groth jet. They were planted last year in a big perennial circle. I live in the country and it is open space. Thanks already for your response.

Subject: RE: Heliopsis-Summer sun
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 21-May-05 04:58 PM EST

I would wait a little bit longer to see if your Heliopsis is going to survive - my plants that are up against the house appear very quickly, the ones in my garden away from the protection of the house are slow to appear - but they also are a plant that seem prone to last only a few seasons in my garden - depending on the severity of the winter and snow cover. My phlox is up and due to the heliopsis tendenacy to vanish - I always start a few new plants every spring just in case.....

Subject: RE: Heliopsis-Summer sun
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 23-May-05 06:46 AM EST

My experience has been that this plant, while perhaps slow to emerge, is a GREAT survivor, in fact, given half a chance, will take over the world. The young shoots can be a dark reddish green and blend in with the colour of the soil. Don't be too quick to give up hope.

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