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killing lawn without herbicides

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Troy21-May-05 08:22 AM EST
Patricia23-May-05 07:01 AM EST 5   
Nancy30-May-05 12:27 PM EST 5   

Subject: killing lawn without herbicides
From: Troy
Date: 21-May-05 08:22 AM EST

I would like to know how to kill my lawn without herbicides while at the same time leaving the soil fertile. I have a mix of some dandelions and a few annual weeds to content with as well.

Subject: RE: killing lawn without herbicides
From: Patricia (iris1@rogers.com)
Zone: 5
Date: 23-May-05 07:01 AM EST

To kill a lawn without herbicides takes time, but it can be done. Cover the grass with thick layers of newspaper - at least 8 or 9 layers. Then wet the papers and hold them down with rocks so the paper doesn't blow away. Wait one whole season. Another way that also takes time is to lift squares of sod and turn them upside down. The grass will decompose and eventually, this will become soil. But the important thing is patience. The soil will be fertile, in fact, more fertile than ever. To get rid of annual weeds, you can either smother them with the methods above, or just keep mowing them short, don't let them bloom. No seed, no return.

Subject: RE: killing lawn without herbicides
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 30-May-05 12:27 PM EST

I'd second Patricia's suggestion of smothering the grass. I did a 20' X 3' strip in full sun a couple of years ago. It took about 3-4 months time and I covered the grass with landscape fabric and mulch. I've heard that using either black plastic and clear plastic(i.e solarizing) will also work. Once the covering came off, there was no sign of grass and I could turn the beds with a garden fork very easily. I've tried using both glyphosphate (then tilling) and removing the sod manually, but both methods were incredibly hard work. If you have the time, that's definately the way to go.

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