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Squirrels and birds eating my flowers

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Deena19-May-05 10:45 AM EST 5a   
Pippin02-Jun-05 07:40 PM EST 6   

Subject: Squirrels and birds eating my flowers
From: Deena
Zone: 5a
Date: 19-May-05 10:45 AM EST

Our backyard is quite woodsy. Over the last couple of years I have tried planting impatience but the squirrels dug up and ate the roots. This year I am trying marigolds but the flowers are being eaten. I'm not sure if it is squirrels or birds that are eating the marigolds.Any suggestions of an annual I can plant? Thanks.

Subject: RE: Squirrels and birds eating my flowers
From: Pippin
Zone: 6
Date: 02-Jun-05 07:40 PM EST

I too have had squirrels eat on some flowers.What they didn't touch was my geraniums,lantanas,petunias and nicotinas.They did munch on my verbenas,nemesias,morning glories and peppers. I cannot grow marigolds,not because of the squirrels but because slugs strip them clean and fast. Good luck

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