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non blooming wisteria

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asha13-May-05 07:03 AM EST 6   
Tanya16-May-05 09:00 PM EST 3a   
magan09-Jun-05 03:40 PM EST 4   
Charles26-Jul-05 06:58 PM EST 6   
Patricia27-Jul-05 05:38 PM EST 5   
Michelle11-Nov-05 10:41 AM EST 5b   
Ed13-Nov-05 09:22 AM EST 4b   
Michelle17-Nov-05 10:33 PM EST 5b   
Dan14-Dec-05 07:23 AM EST 5   
Ann14-Dec-05 04:11 PM EST   

Subject: non blooming wisteria
From: asha
Zone: 6
Date: 13-May-05 07:03 AM EST

We baught the house with a wisteria on front wall of the house. Since last 24 years the vine has never bloomed. I almost cut it down to the roots many time in the hope of stirring it up. I grows back with vigorous leaf growth but never blooms.

Can something be done to get it bloomed.

In frustration I bought another wisteria vine. It is the 3rd year, and it has not bloomed. Is there anyway to find out if it will ever bloom. Thanks

Subject: RE: non blooming wisteria
From: Tanya
Zone: 3a
Date: 16-May-05 09:00 PM EST

Although it is nothing but impossible to grow wisteria this far north - I have always admired them. I found this web page with some information on wisteria awhile ago and sent to to my aunt who was having the same problem. I hope it helps. http://www.hort.purdue.edu/ext/wisteria.html

Subject: RE: non blooming wisteria
From: magan
Zone: 4
Date: 09-Jun-05 03:40 PM EST

Try this:

Take a spade and dug down as far as you could spade depth 1 ft out from the trunk and circled around the whole vine doing this. Then add super phosphate fertilizer. One friend wisteria bloomed prolifically after doing this. Good luck.

Subject: RE: non blooming wisteria
From: Charles
Zone: 6
Date: 26-Jul-05 06:58 PM EST

There is a pruning trick to this. cut the side shoots in half in august, as many as you want. then in janurary, cut the same stumps you left in august completly back to the vine.

let me know

Subject: RE: non blooming wisteria
From: Patricia (iris1@rogers.com)
Zone: 5
Date: 27-Jul-05 05:38 PM EST

Asha - if it is any consolation, you have hit upon THE problem most likely to drive gardeners crazy! Not many of us grow wisteria in eastern Canada and now you know why.

Subject: RE: non blooming wisteria
From: Michelle
Zone: 5b
Date: 11-Nov-05 10:41 AM EST

I have heard that you should buy a wisteria vine already in bloom.. then you know it will, i guess some won't. I heard this from my nursery and also a gardening show on t.v. so it must have some truth to it.

Subject: RE: non blooming wisteria
From: Ed
Zone: 4b
Date: 13-Nov-05 09:22 AM EST

My future inlaws in SW Ont had a Chinese Wisteria on their south facing veranda wall that had grown into a mess of tangled vines that had not bloomed in recent memory. As in the condition I first discovered them they were hardly a thing of beauty, I received permission to cut out whatever material seemed superfluous in order to tidy up this grossly neglected and overgrown vine. At the time I was not even aware what kind of vine I was operating on but was reasonably pleased with my finished handiwork. Further, I had not the least idea of what, if anything, I was to expect would happen! Lo and behold, the mass of purplish blossoms appearing the following spring surprised me as much as anyone! Many years later when I attempted every which way to obtain blooms on an otherwise thriving Wisteria in Pointe Claire, Que.,nothing worked -- it was a matter of several zones too cold.

Subject: RE: non blooming wisteria
From: Michelle
Zone: 5b
Date: 17-Nov-05 10:33 PM EST

I just read about where someone couldn't get their wisteria to bllom so they learned a trick .. to take a shovel and cut off some of the roots, maybe it shocks them or something into blooming but a few people swore it worked for them.. worth a try????

Subject: RE: non blooming wisteria
From: Dan (dan.clost@sympatico.ca)
Zone: 5
Date: 14-Dec-05 07:23 AM EST

Wisteria drives us nuts!! Charles' advice is as close to textbook as you're going to get. Mind you, the texts use all sorts of technical terms which take a while to sort out. We have had this question many times- usually delivered in a frustrated tone. As Michelle suggests, we haul out the vines when they are in bloom- so customers know that they do- and then tuck them back away when they are finished. One year, we tried root-pruning, over-fertilising, text-book pruning, hack to the bones shearing, and left some alone. Some were in sun, some shade. Not a single one bloomed. For two years, nothing bloomed. Then, in one magical season (2002) every single wisteria on the property burst forth with magnificent flowers- even the onew tossed on the compost heap. Driving around neighbourhoods we could see wisteria blooming everywhere. Clearly, there was some form of environmental influence that kicked in. We just haven't got a clue what it was. (At the nursery where we did this we have a combination of university, college grads, life-long nursery folk who create magic with plants, the totally ignorant ( horticulturally speaking) summer hires and even the guy who drives the tractor had a hand. You would think with such a range of, a-hem, knowedlge, experience, and the first-time luck of the neophyte, we would have stumbled upon the secret.)

Subject: RE: non blooming wisteria
From: Ann
Date: 14-Dec-05 04:11 PM EST

Asha, you may be pruning too radically, try leaving it to grow a few summers, then read pruning advice. They are tricky here, so annoying when you see them in Europe almost covering walls, garages etc., and in full bloom.

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