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Delphinium's being attacked

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Corinne12-May-05 02:24 PM EST 3   
Patricia 12-May-05 04:39 PM EST 5   
DebbieC13-May-05 02:54 PM EST   
cathaleen16-May-05 04:05 PM EST 3   
Dan17-May-05 04:56 PM EST   

Subject: Delphinium's being attacked
From: Corinne
Zone: 3
Date: 12-May-05 02:24 PM EST

Each spring, some kind of bug or worm attacks my delphiniums. The leaves are rolled up, some turn black and die. What can I do? I've tried picking off the bad leaves but the plant is still stunted and the problems persist all summer.

Subject: RE: Delphinium's being attacked
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 12-May-05 04:39 PM EST

Corinne: the bug or worm sounds particular to your area. I've grown delphs for years and nothing ever touches them here (just outside Ottawa). Have you tried talking to local people at nurseries, at garden clubs, and so on? They would be most likely to be able to help you because chances are if something is eating your delphs then it may be attacking delphs in the gardens of people near you. Good luck!

Subject: RE: Delphinium's being attacked
From: DebbieC
Date: 13-May-05 02:54 PM EST

Sounds like the larkspur worm that attacks delphiniums as well. You need to treat the plants with rotenone or another insecticidal compound as soon as you see the damage. Earlier treatment is the best. Good luck!

Subject: RE: Delphinium's being attacked
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 16-May-05 04:05 PM EST

I too have had this problem the last few years - it seems if you cut off the emerging stalks early - you can kill off the worm before it destroys - and before the plant has set it's blossoms. Something I read a few years ago said that the varmit is in the plant from the end of last year, so that's why it is noticeable early in the season when it's done the damage....I cut and crush early.

Subject: RE: Delphinium's being attacked
From: Dan (
Date: 17-May-05 04:56 PM EST

Try this website: Lots of good, concise info about your problem.

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