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White pine baby

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Carol07-May-05 11:07 AM EST 5a   
Patricia 07-May-05 07:23 PM EST 5   
dinsdale09-May-05 03:18 AM EST 4   
Carol09-May-05 10:27 AM EST 5a   

Subject: White Pine
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 07-May-05 11:07 AM EST

Hi I just picked up a young White Pine, about 1 foot tall. What is the best approach to planting it into my garden? Should I wait and keep it growing indoors for a while, or put it out now. Also what should I expect in the way of growth per year; should I wrap it in burlap for the winter; should I fertilize etc...any helpful hints would be great. Thanks Carol

Subject: RE: White pine baby
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 07-May-05 07:23 PM EST

Carol: Not sure what you mean by "picked up" - did you harvest it from the wild - or did you buy it at a nursery? I would say that a pine tree probably does not need to grow indoors - it should be acclimatized to growing outdoors, regardless. My experience is that pines grow more slowly than other evergreens, like spruce. You might want to build a small wooden teepee over the top of the pine (in the late fall) - because it can probably take cold weather, but you would not want it damaged by heavy snowfalls. Fertilizer should be given to a plant in active growth. Your nursery should be able to suggest special type of fertilizer for evergreens. The most important thing is water and lots of it, especially in the fall, before freeze-up. Good luck!

Subject: RE: White pine baby
From: dinsdale
Zone: 4
Date: 09-May-05 03:18 AM EST

Carol, you can plant it now. You should plant it where the roots won't be soggy, dig a hole twice the depth of the root ball or pot, and three or four times as wide. Put bone meal and liquid transplanted in the mix with peat moss and then plant it, forming a well around the base of the tree so that it holds water fairly well. You should take care to water it sufficiently for the first two years until it's established.

Subject: RE: White pine baby
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 09-May-05 10:27 AM EST

Thanks, I will do that. I am never sure when I pick up new plants, if it's ok to put them right in the ground, or if I should wait until it's past the frosty morning's. I usually play it safe. Carol

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