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garden shed ideas

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Melissa27-Apr-05 07:44 AM EST 5b   
Dave27-Apr-05 10:48 AM EST 5a   
GardenGnome27-Apr-05 02:04 PM EST 6a   
Nancy27-Apr-05 03:43 PM EST 5   

Subject: garden shed ideas
From: Melissa
Zone: 5b
Date: 27-Apr-05 07:44 AM EST

We are building a shed this summer -- I have convinced my husband to hand over an area 12'X 6' that will be dedicated to my gardening supplies etc. Does anyone have something in their shed/greenhouse that they would not do without. A friend has an old sink mounted in order to collect messy dirt after potting. Any other ideas for me?

Subject: RE: garden shed ideas
From: Dave
Zone: 5a
Date: 27-Apr-05 10:48 AM EST

I put in a 10 x 10 vinyl shed last year. Double doors for wide stuff, skylights for sunlight, vinyl flooring for easy cleanup.

Subject: RE: garden shed ideas
From: GardenGnome
Zone: 6a
Date: 27-Apr-05 02:04 PM EST

So you're not tripping over the hoe while you're moving the weedwhacker out of the way to get the lawnmower, I strongly suggest hooks, cleats, shelves, etc for anything and everything so that the floor is left relatively clear. Enjoy - the planning is the fun part... Cheers GardenGnome

Subject: RE: garden shed ideas
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 27-Apr-05 03:43 PM EST

While it's not in my shed, but in my basement right now, I've got a potting bench I wouldn't do without. Have had too many other reasons for a sore back that I don't want to aggravate doing containers, transplanting seedlings, potting up cuttings etc. The drawers keep all the little items together (pens, tags, twist ties tec.) And I bought one of those plastic table-top trays that are great for mixing soil for containers and generally keeping things clean. See Lee Valley's or Vesey's Tidy Tray.

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