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weeping crabapple

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22-Apr-05 06:48 AM EST 4   
GlenT 23-Apr-05 08:05 AM EST 7   

Subject: weeping crabapple
Zone: 4
Date: 22-Apr-05 06:48 AM EST

Can i still prune my weeping crabapple?

Subject: RE: weeping crabapple
From: GlenT
Zone: 7
Date: 23-Apr-05 08:05 AM EST

Mine is about 15 years old and needs almost no pruning. What would you like to accomplish with pruning?

I suspect this is still a fine time to do so, as many British gardeners like to spring prune once the plants wake up from dormancy...they figure the plant can heal the wound better/quicker, with less chance of infection cp. doing it in the dead of winter.

All I ever do is remove suckers, and trim back the weeping stuff so it's away from the ground.

In full bloom now, it looks great!


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