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Lawnmower recommendations

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Robyn07-May-00 11:57 AM EST   
pansyman09-May-00 01:06 PM EST   
Carlos10-May-00 08:19 PM EST   
Bruce31-Mar-01 06:57 AM EST   
Bruce MacAlpine31-Mar-01 07:00 AM EST   
Deirdre31-Mar-01 07:05 AM EST   
The Budding poet..............................4b31-Mar-01 11:06 AM EST   
Kelly31-Mar-01 03:00 PM EST   
Jude07-Apr-01 07:42 PM EST   

Subject: Lawnmower recommendations
From: Robyn
Date: 07-May-00 11:57 AM EST

We just bought a home. Now that we have a front and back yard, we need to buy a lawnmower. The yards are quite shady, hence a lot of moss. I borrowed my father's electric mower which was fine except for the electrical cord getting twisted around trees, swing set, etcetera. A push mower strikes me as being more convenient to use, but I've never mowed with one. My husband thinks it would be difficult to push through the weeds and moss that mostly make up our yard at the moment. We have small children so I don't think I should have a gas mower (?unsafe to mow when the kids are outside). Do I need to rake up the grass clippings and bag them? If I buy a lawnmower that also mulches, can I just leave the clippings in the lawn? What about lawnmowers with bags attached? My father's electric mower does not have a bag attachment because he says the bags only work well if you have nice grass in your yard. Thanks for your input in advance.

Subject: RE: Lawnmower recommendations
From: pansyman
Date: 09-May-00 01:06 PM EST

I bought the old fashioned push mower, it's hard to push if the grass is tall and the blades are dull. If it's short and mossy it shouldn't be hard. I leave the cuttings. I consider the effort 'exercise' and I hate the noise, gas, and pollution of gas mowers. I saved alot of money too.

Subject: RE: Lawnmower recommendations
From: Carlos
Date: 10-May-00 08:19 PM EST

Get a cordless electric mower. It's better for the environment than a gas mower and there's no cord to get tangled. You can get a good deal on them if you go to a Black and Decker outlet store.

Subject: RE: Lawnmower recommendations
From: Bruce
Date: 31-Mar-01 06:57 AM EST

Subject: RE: Lawnmower recommendations
From: Bruce MacAlpine
Date: 31-Mar-01 07:00 AM EST

I recently heard about a remote control lawnmower that has just become availiable. My father in law is a champion grass grower but suffered a stroke a few years ago. He would benefit from this technology. Do you know were I can get more info on this type of mower. Thanks, Bruce

Subject: RE: Lawnmower recommendations
From: Deirdre
Date: 31-Mar-01 07:05 AM EST

Hi - I tend to put lawnmowers and vaccuum cleaners in the same category - they are both really awkward to use, especially dragging a cord or hose. My next ideal mower is a push one. Although these days, a really good one (don't get a low end priced one) can cost as much as one of the other kind. The cordless electric also sounds like a plan, but apparently the push mower gives a better and less damaging cut to the grass.

Subject: RE: Lawnmower recommendations
From: The Budding poet..............................4b
Date: 31-Mar-01 11:06 AM EST


That sounds like a "REELY" good recommendation. :)

Subject: RE: Lawnmower recommendations
From: Kelly
Date: 31-Mar-01 03:00 PM EST

I "reely" enjoy our push mower. (Sorry, the Budding poet inspired me). It is great exercise, and as long as the grass is not too long, and blades are sharp, it makes a quick job of our yard. Best thing - I can mow whenever I want - no worries about waking the neighbours on those beautiful Saturday mornings! And no pollution to boot. As Martha would say - "it's a good thing".

Lee Valley Tools has a couple of nice reel mowers in their catalogue.

Subject: RE: Lawnmower recommendations
From: Jude
Date: 07-Apr-01 07:42 PM EST

Hey Bruce.... if you're referring to the "robotic" type lawnmower, there's one a this site,

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