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Isabelle29-Mar-05 04:19 AM EST 5b   
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Subject: Finding pots!
From: Isabelle
Zone: 5b
Date: 29-Mar-05 04:19 AM EST

I live on Montreal, Qu├ębec. I have a small greenhouse going, nothing big, nothing crazy, but I would like to find a supplier for starter pots and trays etc, a kind of manufacturer I could buy directly from or a distributor of some sort that would sell to homeowners. I have searched the web, but I coundn't find any in Canada that deliver to homes.

Subject: RE: Finding pots!
From: marg
Date: 29-Mar-05 06:58 AM EST

Hi! I have a backyard greenhouse to and I found buying from stores got to be rather expensive. I saw an ad for the Canadian Greenhouse Conference and went to it. There were all kinds of things to see. They have companies from Quebec there to. I now order from ITML. All I needed was to have a business name and GST no. Their web site address is Maybe you can go through their list of exhibitors and find something. Hope this helps. Marg

Subject: RE: Finding pots!
From: Duncan (
Zone: 4a
Date: 29-Mar-05 07:41 PM EST

Hi Isabelle: There are two sources that come to mind... The first is Lee Valley Tools, available at . You would definitely be a member of the "Garden-Cool" if fully outfitted by them.

The second source; a great source; is your recycling box. I dip egg cartons in bleech to sterilize them and use them for starter plants. I have yet to find one of my neighbors checking out my green house.

"Hey, it all ends up in the compost pile." Bon Chance

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