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Aili27-Mar-05 08:26 PM EST 8b   
Nancy29-Mar-05 02:31 PM EST 5   
a. anderson18-Apr-05 05:59 PM EST 6a   

Subject: Daffodils and tulips in bouquet
From: Aili
Zone: 8b
Date: 27-Mar-05 08:26 PM EST

I made a lovely tulip and daffodil bouquet for a friend and was told not to put them together for some reason. Does anyone know if this is just a "flower myth" or are they incompatible in an arrangement? thanks, (puzzled in Parksville)

Subject: RE: Daffodils and tulips in bouquet
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 29-Mar-05 02:31 PM EST

I've heard the same thing, Aili. Can't personally confirm it, but I believe that Art Drysdale mentioned recently on his radio show that there's something is the sap from cut daffodils that will cause other flowers to wilt quickly.

Subject: RE: Daffodils and tulips in bouquet
From: a. anderson
Zone: 6a
Date: 18-Apr-05 05:59 PM EST

Hi, I read on that if you cut a dafodils stem, it will ooze a gooey substance that clogs the other flower stems. To avoid this, instead of cutting the stems, snap it off by grasping it at the bottom where the stalk is more solid,then twist and snap and soak tip in warm water for a few hours.

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