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rabbits eating yuccas

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Erin16-Mar-05 07:57 AM EST 6a   
Nancy17-Mar-05 01:35 PM EST 5   
Erin22-Mar-05 08:22 AM EST 6a   

Subject: rabbits eating yuccas
From: Erin
Zone: 6a
Date: 16-Mar-05 07:57 AM EST

I have 6 yucca plants growing around my property and they are all being eaten! I believe it is the rabbits as I can see thier tracks in the snow. Unfortunatly they have chewed my mature 3ft leaved plants into 6inch stubs. I am now afraid that my yuccas may not live or flower with such damage to their leaves. Does anyone know what I can do if anything? Will my yuccas leaves grow back?

Subject: RE: rabbits eating yuccas
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 17-Mar-05 01:35 PM EST

Yes, Erin, it was the rabbits. Exactly the same thing happened to me last year, as mine what munched right down to the root. Not only that, but the little so-and-so's nailed my big beautiful variegated carex, rhododendrons, crocuses, some tulips, and two feet of green of the bottom of a columner juniper. Then cleaned me out of green beans later in the summer.

My yuccas did come back, but as a zillion mini shoots from the root, which I never got around to thinning out. They've been chewing on it a bit again this year, but I've been able to deter them somewhat with Critter Ridder.

Someone else recently suggested to me to try Vaseline on tulip shoots. Am going to try that too, and if all else fails, I just bought a trap from Lee Valley.

Subject: RE: rabbits eating yuccas
From: Erin
Zone: 6a
Date: 22-Mar-05 08:22 AM EST

Thanks Nancy! I am going to give the vaseline a try. I intended to divide up my yuccas this spring, I had several large ones ready for new homes. Hopefully as the snow melts more the rabbits will find something to eat other than my tough old yuccas!

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