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hibiscus cuttings?

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Darlene15-Mar-05 07:28 AM EST 4b   
Erin16-Mar-05 08:18 AM EST 6a   
Darlene22-Mar-05 05:02 AM EST 4b   

Subject: hibiscus cuttings?
From: Darlene
Zone: 4b
Date: 15-Mar-05 07:28 AM EST

I have hibiscus plant growing inside at the moment. its getting quite leggy in length. And I would like to take cuttings off it but do not know when or how. Its a beautiful single petal peach colour with red center- so any help will be appreciated

Subject: RE: hibiscus cuttings?
From: Erin
Zone: 6a
Date: 16-Mar-05 08:18 AM EST

Hi Darlene, I have a hibiscus that sounds similar to yours, which I also keep indoors. Recently I trimmed back a few crossing stems and now they are my 6 inch cuttings. I have placed them in some light potting soil and keep them constantly moist. They are placed in a south facing window and kept inside an indoor greenhouse/plantstand which has a plastic cover. The plastic cover keeps the humidity inside the greenhouse higher than in the rest of my house, which is important for cuttings. Another way of keeping your cuttings happily humid is to use 2L pop bottles, snip them to sufficient high and place them over your cuttings, be sure to leave a few inches above the top of the plant, you don't want to stiffle it. Also check out this site I found it helpful and informative

Subject: RE: hibiscus cuttings?
From: Darlene
Zone: 4b
Date: 22-Mar-05 05:02 AM EST

Thanks Erin for the info and for the website. I will try it this weekend- had the flu bug lately still recovering but anxious to get the growing season started

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