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Subject: Hyacinth,Tulips
Zone: 4
Date: 15-Mar-05 06:36 AM EST

In Spring 2004 i bought from a grocery store 2 potted hyacinths. They flowerd very good.After that i brought the pots in my south facing cool room. Last week i checked them and they are showing 4 cm of groth. same with the tulips. What should i do now?

Subject: RE: Hyacinth,Tulips
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 15-Mar-05 02:21 PM EST

I've had that happen too. There's a pot with a single hyacinth bulb that I'd forgotten about on my desk at work last spring (after it had bloomed and the leaves had died back naturally). It had dried out completely, but just before Christmas it started to show new growth. I watered it and put it under lights. Well lo and behold, the little thing pushed out about 5 little blooms and now has leaves about 2 inches high.

What I would do now, at least with the hyacinths, is to give them some water and little fertilizer and let the plant do it's thing on a warm and sunny windowsill. Then, when it's warm enough, plant the bulb in your garden where you would like to see it next year. It may not do all that well, but I find that previously forced hyacinths do quite nicely in the garden in subsequent years. The flowers are not quite as many or a tight as the first year, but I like them just the same.

I can't speak to whether this'll work for tulips or not. Ever time I leave a pot of spent tulip bulbs outside in anticipation of planting them out, the squirrels help themselves before I get a chance to plant.

Subject: RE: Hyacinth,Tulips
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 15-Mar-05 06:04 PM EST

Are you talking about "real" hyacinths or about grape hyacinths? Whenever we purchase "real" hyacinths, we keep watering the bulbs until the foliage dies on its own. Then in the fall we plant the bulbs out in the garden. Though it may take a year or two, they do bloom again and continue in the garden for many years.

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