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barry01-Mar-05 04:13 AM EST 5   
GardenGnome01-Mar-05 06:39 AM EST 6a   
Ronnalee02-Mar-05 05:39 AM EST 5a   
Patricia08-Mar-05 04:05 PM EST 5   

Subject: seeds
From: barry
Zone: 5
Date: 01-Mar-05 04:13 AM EST

does anyone know a trick to plant tiny seeds. I have a vial that apparently has a hundred seeds in. They are as fine as dust, how can I separate and plant? Thanks for any help you can send my way.

Subject: RE: seeds
From: GardenGnome
Zone: 6a
Date: 01-Mar-05 06:39 AM EST

Hi Barry. Lee Valley offers a tool for handling small seeds. See the link below. I don't know if it'll deal with "dust" though. I've heard of but not tried another trick: you can mix the seeds with sand and put the mixture in a salt shaker, then sprinkle on your starting mix. You'll probably get a lot more seedlings than you wanted, but you can thin as needed.

Good luck!


Subject: RE: seeds
From: Ronnalee
Zone: 5a
Date: 02-Mar-05 05:39 AM EST

Hi, I saw a gardener on TV use a salt shaker to distribute seeds evenly.

Subject: RE: seeds
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 08-Mar-05 04:05 PM EST

Foxglove seed is almost as fine as dust. When I plant those, I use Jiffy 7 peat pellets - I put a tiny amount (as little as possible) on each pellet top and when they have started growing, I use fingernail scissors to reduce the number of plants to 2 or 3, and finally, down to one only per pot. I cut off the little extra seedlings at ground level. This means that the root system of the remaining baby plants are not damaged by uprooting nearby ones.

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