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Planting beneath Cedar Trees

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Jackie07-May-00 10:36 AM EST   
janis09-May-00 02:37 PM EST   
Noreen09-May-00 08:13 PM EST   
Karen16-May-00 12:18 AM EST   

Subject: Planting beneath Cedar Trees
From: Jackie
Date: 07-May-00 10:36 AM EST

Hi there:

Can anyone help, I have a row of mature cedars (about 25ft tall) planted against and north facing fence. The problem is because they are mature trees the lowest branches are about 6 feet from the ground and we can see the the fence behind them (which is not in good shape and is quite boring to look at). Any thing I have planted has died they only thing that gows are buttercups, which I didnt plant. I would like to grow somthing that would cover the fence and I would also like some colour on the ground, any suggestions for perenials or annuals for flowers? I live on the West coast so zone b. thanks

Subject: RE: Planting beneath Cedar Trees
From: janis
Date: 09-May-00 02:37 PM EST

plant lily of the valley. they have lovely flowers and they spread rapidly. the greenery stays till fall and dies back . they are a perenial. they are a good ground cover.

Subject: RE: Planting beneath Cedar Trees
From: Noreen
Date: 09-May-00 08:13 PM EST

I must agree with Janis, I have lily of the valley growing under mine & they do great. I also have forget-me-nots and lungwort. They all do very well.

Subject: RE: Planting beneath Cedar Trees
From: Karen
Date: 16-May-00 12:18 AM EST

I too agree re lilies of the valley. I use a combination of ground covers -- periwinkle, lanium and sweet woodruff with a variety of hostas and a bleeding heart doing very well. I also have a large white urn which I plant with Swedish ivy and place it in the centre of the bed. The contrast between the white urn and the different greens is dramatic. It usually grows to about five feet in diameter. For colour I tend to use primroses in the spring and impatiens in the summer plus experimenting with anything new that I find in a garden centre. I have tried some tuberous begonias on the front edge of the garden with reasonable if not spectular results. I'm also thinking of trying some ferns which are native to this area. I live on a sandy beach in zone 5. Hope this helps.

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