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what to do about daffodils and tulips?

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Erin15-Feb-05 06:31 PM EST 2a   
Julie K17-Feb-05 10:24 AM EST 4   
Patricia19-Feb-05 01:11 PM EST 5   
Roger naugler05-May-06 03:00 PM EST 5a   
dm07-May-06 02:37 PM EST 3   

Subject: what to do about daffodils and tulips?
From: Erin (
Zone: 2a
Date: 15-Feb-05 06:31 PM EST

Hello everyone, Well as you know from my last thread I am pretty new to the world of gardening. Well I went to my local gracery store about a month ago and bought two small potted daffodil and the other a beautiful red tulip. Well I brought them home and baby'd them very much but after their first bloom they started to look pretty poor. I dead-headed the tulip but not the daffodil (I read somewhere your not supposed to dead-head the first bloom of daffodils). Well after that they both started to go down hill and now they just look quite brown and sad, although I have been watering them regularly and giving them plenty of sun. What am I doing wrong! Thanks for your help! Erin

Subject: RE: what to do about daffodils and tulips?
From: Julie K
Zone: 4
Date: 17-Feb-05 10:24 AM EST

They are done! They have been forced to grow and bloom and now they are finished. You can let the greenery die back and then plant them outside in your garden in the spring, but it could be years (if ever) that they bloom again. The forcing of the bulb has taken all the energy out of it so there is no energy left in the bulb to flower. If you had planted the same bulbs in an outside garden, you would deadhead them after flowering and they would come back the following year. Forced bulbs do not work the same.

Subject: RE: what to do about daffodils and tulips?
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 19-Feb-05 01:11 PM EST

Erin - don't be so quick to believe there is no life left in the bulbs. After the flowers were done, you did right to take the dead flower off. And you were also right to keep the plant in the sun and to continue watering it. Now it has finished its growth FOR THIS YEAR. But the bulbs can be planted Fall 2005, about 5 inches below the soil line, and they will grow again next year. Meaning Spring 2006. Be sure to throw a soupspoon full of bonemeal in the hole, it will help the roots to grow. The first year, you may not get flowers, true, but in further years, blooms will come. The best bulbs for this is hyacinths - I have some in my garden that I bought in pots many years ago!

Subject: RE: what to do about daffodils and tulips?
From: Roger naugler
Zone: 5a
Date: 05-May-06 03:00 PM EST

I need help!!!

I have planted tulips that come up each spring but do not flower. What should I do?

Subject: RE: what to do about daffodils and tulips?
From: dm
Zone: 3
Date: 07-May-06 02:37 PM EST

I'm not an expert, Roger, but you can try feeding them this spring, before the leaves go dormant. Then, in the fall, lift and divide the tulips, and then replant them in amended soil.

However, it's my understanding that some tulips are more "perennial" than others. If yours have NEVER bloomed, the soil might be too heavy for them (they like moist, but well-drained soil during their growth period, and drier conditions after going dormant). But, if they bloomed well for a couple of years and are now coming up "blind", they might need replacing all together.

Hope this helps.

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