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Carol02-Feb-05 05:51 AM EST 5a   
Diane09-Feb-05 02:39 PM EST 5   

Subject: forcing bulbs
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 02-Feb-05 05:51 AM EST

Hi, I am a novice gardener, and I have a question? I have some tulip bulbs that I was given last fall, that did not get planted. I decided to plant them in pots and try to force them now. What I read about this was...chill for 3 months, plant in moist soil, place in cool dark place for a week? This is my problem, I can't find the threads again, and I can't remember how long with the cool dark place. Also why the cool dark place? I don't doubt the info, but I am curious as to why. Carol

Subject: RE: forcing bulbs
From: Diane
Zone: 5
Date: 09-Feb-05 02:39 PM EST

Question Carol. Here it is February, the tulip bulbs should have gone into the ground last fall and within a couple months will be sprouting all over northern gardens. Why the need to spend the time forcing them considering its near time you could plan on putting them into the ground for bloom next spring....'06.

After all, you would need a refrigerator to provide the cool place in order for the bulb to produce the roots. That's what the cool does..that's what the autumn does..allow the bulb to grow roots to protect itself over winter.

If you were to put the bulb into the refrigerator NOW...and plan on 13 weeks chilling time...

well, let's forget that..OK.

How about next October you buy more bulbs for forcing. (tell the nurseryperson you wish to force the bulbs) They will see to it you receive the proper bulb for that task.

If you space out the times, you could have bloom all winter.

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