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Subject: floppy Christmas cactus
From: Doug (
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Date: 28-Jan-05 10:13 AM EST

I have had this Christmas cactus for at least 15 years. Re-potted this last summer in same size pot. It put on a beautiful show (before Christmas, of course) and before all the blooms were open it started drooping. Now it looks like green floppy spaghetti...what did I do. I brought it into the family room to enjoy the bloom. No draft. Somewhat brighter location than usual. I may have watered a bit more than usual, as was drying out faster. Is this the problem? Will it return to its former glory? Normally it is kept in a spare bedroom, getting 12 hours darkness, and the house is kept around 16 - 18 deg C. Thanks for input.

Subject: RE: floppy Christmas cactus
Date: 04-Feb-05 09:57 PM EST

I don't profess to be an expert on cacti. It sounds as if your potting soil could be too rich or you over watered.

I'd suggest getting some specialized cacti and succulent soil- it's actually pretty cheap or so I've found, and reducing it's water intake.

These type of cacti seem to thrive on neglect.

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