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Subject: ORCHIDS
From: Gail R.
Zone: 3
Date: 26-Jan-05 06:28 PM EST

Hi, I have about 10 orchids. 4 of these orchids were given to me 1/2 dead. I believe them all to be Phaleanopsis in diff. sizes & color. The leaves are either yellow or very limp and reddish. Some are greenish yellow and limp. I am getting new leaves but even the new ones don't look any healthier. I only water one a week or even less. First with plain water and then with a fertilizer. These 4 plants have never flowered in the yr. that I have had them. The stem was cut off after they did bloom(over a yr now) and still the stem has not grown back to preform blooms.I have even changed the bark that they were in. My other ochids are beautiful and blooming.Any advice??

Subject: RE: ORCHIDS
From: Duncan (
Zone: 4a
Date: 26-Jan-05 07:19 PM EST

Hi Gale: I will confess to total failure at trying to bring back a Phalaenopsis here in Sudbury.

Ken Beatty tells us these are the best for our dry Canadian winters. But I have 3 failed attempts resting in my compost pile.

I have however had great success with a Colmanaria hybrid. I spray-water leaves and bark about twice per week; fertilize once per month and keep in a south-facing window. My thermostat is set for 64f in the day, while I am at work, so they get a cool day. I usually divide them in the late spring and keep them in my green house.

My "tale of resurrection" was the two "bulb-bases" I planted up last year after the leaves had browned and I had cut them off. I kept them in the green house until September and then brought them inside. Although there were no new shoots for leaves, the "bulbs" stayed firm and green. Last week, to my surprise, there are new shoots and roots shooting up above the bark. To quote the words of the author, Hunter S. Thompson, "the Lord hates a coward." Hang in there, Duncan

Subject: RE: ORCHIDS
From: Gail R
Zone: 3
Date: 27-Jan-05 12:28 PM EST

Thanks Duncan for your reply. I will have to look for the orchid that you mentioned. I have only the 2 different kinds, like 9 Phaleanopsis and 1 Dendrobium. I am with you about the surprises. I have been babying this Dendrobium and just looking at this 4 ft tall green thing sitting on my counter and I'm wondering when do I trash this thing that doesn't bloom, get new leaves or nothing. Then all of a sudden just 2 days ago I notice a long shoot that the blooms will be on. Wow! Patients does pay off. It probably read my mind! Last night after I sent this message I found some info on about the yellow leaves.It says yellow leaves are from too much light or insuff. feeding, and stress from low temp. Maybe its too cool by my windows her in Calgary. Nope I won't give up! Thks, Gail

Subject: RE: ORCHIDS
From: Dan (
Date: 30-Jan-05 06:41 AM EST

Hi there, I certainly wouldn't give up on the orchids. Two of the most common reasons for orchid demise is too much fertilizer and too much warmth, although the latter is a subjective term. I stuck my nose in here to recommend a book called The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean (Olean?). If you are at all enamoured by orchids, this is a very informative and engagingly witty examination of orchids throughout history under the guise of a "story". A customer left it on our counter at work, and all of us have managed to find the time to read it.

Subject: RE: ORCHIDS
From: Louise
Date: 25-May-06 08:00 PM EST

I have a phalaenopsis that has 2 spikes where the blooms have fallen off. At the top of one of the spikes new leaves and roots have started to grow. Can I cut that and plant it to start a new orchid?

Subject: RE: ORCHIDS
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 30-May-06 04:35 PM EST

Hi Louise,

My phalaenopsis did exactly the same thing. I left it for the longest time before I had the nerve to cut it off, but finally did and planted it in the same type of bark chip mixture as the parent plant. So far it's doing just fine and is starting to send out more air roots and a new leaf. Good luck!

Subject: RE: ORCHIDS
Zone: 5a
Date: 13-Jun-06 07:06 PM EST

have you checked the roots? it's extremely easy to overwater them, and they need quite a bit of light, it's all a very fine line with orchids, you might want to try getting advice on the orchid forum at gardenweb, listen to anything howard suggests- make sure you list all conditions your plants are in.

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