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Ceedub21-Jan-05 09:27 AM EST 6a   
Glen T23-Jan-05 09:35 AM EST 7   

Subject: Corsican Hellebore
From: Ceedub
Zone: 6a
Date: 21-Jan-05 09:27 AM EST

Does anybody have experience with this gorgeous plant? I was told that the Corsican Hellebore is an perennial evergreen, which says to me that it stays green all winter. I planted mine in 2002. The following spring (2003), I found rotted foliage when the snow melted. But it came back and grew beautifully that summer. Last spring (2004), when the snow melted there was my hellebore, happy and green, with a few dead leaves around the bottom and lovely flowers. I looked out the back recently after a snowfall had melted, and I saw rotted foliage again. Is this normal? Or has it died? Or do I have to wait until spring to find out? Does anybody know? I'm in zone 6a. Thanks!

Subject: RE: Corsican Hellebore
From: Glen T
Zone: 7
Date: 23-Jan-05 09:35 AM EST

Cee-these are grown in the Vancouver, BC area quite a bit, and do well in this milder zone.

Coming from Corsica, these are not as hardy as most other hellebore types. They also grow a bit different. The flowers are produced this spring on shoots that grew last summer...mine have buds beginning to open now but that's in a warmer area than you. The trick is that once these shoots have flowered they will yellow and die, and rot, as you've observed with yours. Don't worry about that, they can and will sprout new stuff this spring and summer.

I'm not sure if you have perhaps lost this spring's bloom from a particularly cold and or snowless winter period. The corsican does handle dry warm summers better than other hellebore species, and grows happily in full sun on the west coast. Your zone is probably getting toward the cold tolerance limit, tho. Someone from your area (where is that?) would be able to give more precise experiences that you could expect...

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