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Concord Grape Propagation

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Barry 02-Jan-05 04:30 AM EST 5   
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Vic13-Feb-05 08:28 PM EST 4   

Subject: Concord Grape Propagation
From: Barry
Zone: 5
Date: 02-Jan-05 04:30 AM EST

I have tried to start grape cuttings (4" - 5" long)from the vine this past fall. I scraped the bark about 1/2" off of one end and put six of them in an 8" pot with potting soil and peat. They have been in this for almost 3 months. I have kept them damp but see no life as yet. Does anyone know how long it will be before I see any life from these cuttings? Also, has anyone any experience with the Gel Rooting System from Lee Valley. I started two more pots of cuttings about a month ago, should I put some root stimulator on them or in the gel rooting system? Can anyone tell me how long it takes to see any life from grape cuttings?

I have loads of questions about these grapes but don't want to ask too many questions at once. Thanks for your time. Barry

Subject: RE: Concord Grape Propagation
From: Dan (
Date: 30-Jan-05 08:28 AM EST

You might want to pick up a good book on the subject. The Grape Grower, at by Lon Rombrough is supposed to be helpful. I've never done grape cuttings so I have no idea how successful this form of propagation is. One of my questions would be if pithy materials are amenable to cuttings. Perhaps soft tissue- such as new stem or leaf- would be better. I do know, though, that they are all grafted onto a different root stock- much the same as many roses, apple trees etc. If you do succeed in getting a plant growing, you may need to graft it onto a viable, hardy rootstock. Fortunately, in your vineyard, you have lots of rootstock available. Just some thoughts for your consideration. Again, good luck with your vineyard.

Subject: RE: Concord Grape Propagation
From: Vic
Zone: 4
Date: 13-Feb-05 08:28 PM EST

Hi Barry,

I have been starting grapes for many years as gifts for my friends. I take 12 inch lengths of grape cane and put the lower half in damp soil. I put a few canes into each milk carton I used, partly filling with soil. I made sure that each cane had a node or thickening on the cane exposed to the soil. This is where the roots form. The nodes above the soil were the source of the leaves.

It can take a few months but we still have time before summer. Keep them well moistened.

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