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Insects on Grape Vines

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Barry02-Jan-05 04:26 AM EST 5   
David27-Jan-05 01:44 PM EST 5b   
DAN30-Jan-05 08:17 AM EST   
Dan16-Jun-06 10:03 PM EST 6a   

Subject: Insects on Grape Vines
From: Barry
Zone: 5
Date: 02-Jan-05 04:26 AM EST

I have Concord grape vines in my yard that are about 4 yrs. old. No grapes yet! Last summer the vine began to mature nicely. In late spring I noticed some sort of insect??? that was eating half way thru the new growth on the vines and stems. This started to affect the growth. I sent pictures along with a description to Vesey Seeds and took some leaves into our local seed store. No one could tell me what was happening with this. We never saw any type of bug so have no idea what we are dealing with. We never saw any type of bug so have no idea of what we are dealing with. I sprayed the vines with different types of fruit spray and dust. This did nothing. I am afraid they may be even more aggressive this spring and don't know how to treat them. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I have about a dozen plants, not a vineyard.

Subject: RE: Insects on Grape Vines
From: David (
Zone: 5b
Date: 27-Jan-05 01:44 PM EST

Yes, the key is finding out what is harming your plant whether it is scale, mealybugs, fungal, or what?

Once you know, a solution (and non-toxic) is available.

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Subject: RE: Insects on Grape Vines
From: DAN (
Date: 30-Jan-05 08:17 AM EST

Hi Barry,

I'd like to emphasize Dave's advice. There is little benfit to gain by treating a problem without knowing its cause. Unfortunately, there are folks in stores that will convince you to try a cure-all product. At the least, you are wasting money and time; at the most, you may be killing beneficial organisms. When did you look for the pests? If you can't find them during the day, try going out after dark. Lots of critters are night feeders. Bring a flash light and you just might catch the wee beasties in the act. I'd also suggest you bring in samples to a good nursery or garden centre. The big caution is to thoroughly enclose your sample in a plastic bag. If you decide to visit a local vineyard, don't bring an actual sample, no matter how well sealed you think it is. Bring a photo of the damage. Good luck with your vineyard- more than one plants constitute a vineyard.

Subject: RE: Insects on Grape Vines
From: Dan (
Zone: 6a
Date: 16-Jun-06 10:03 PM EST

hey Barry,

I have just planted grapes this year, and i am having the same trouble that you are/were. I see no bugs, yet somthing is eating halfway through on all of the new shoots. I can't figure it out. No sprays/dusts work for me either. A tip that I recieved is that a bug may be stinging the shoots, and laying eggs, that are hatching and eating it away. This is driving me up the wall, and is majorly effecting the growth of my vines. At first the only went after my delaware grapes, then last week, I saw a few signs of them on my Niagra , and I fear that they will move onto my Concord, if you have found out anything, I would appreciate a few tips, or information, or if anybody has any info on this, I would be very thankful. And if I find anything, I'll let you know.

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