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Cocooning dahlia

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Diane28-Dec-04 12:57 PM EST 5   
Shapiro28-Dec-04 07:12 PM EST 5   
Ceedub19-Jan-05 01:08 PM EST 6a   
Harvey DeGering21-Feb-05 03:19 PM EST 8b   

Subject: Cocooning dahlia
From: Diane
Zone: 5
Date: 28-Dec-04 12:57 PM EST

A certain practise of storing dahlia has come to me in an article. Supposedly written by an "expert" who admits to having hundreds of plants, he explained in the article how he winters over his tubers.

After removal and allowing them to dry for a spell, he then removes the tubers from the clump.....i.e. he removes all the tubers from the grouping....then stores them by wrapping them individually in a piece of plastic wrap. (Saran)

To this I question the whole process. I base my doubt of this method by my believing that each of the tubers removed would have to have some "eyes" to further allow the plant to regrow the next spring. As each and every tuber removed would certainly not have 'eyes'...a few is it possible to have the plants renew themselves. He further goes on to suggest that the "eyes" will re-grow or respond to being in the ground. This I doubt.

Have I been misinformed all these years by believing the plant must have 'eyes'..the growth properly rewnew themselves.

Further, I doubt from the article that cocooning a tuber in the manner suggested could guarantee the tuber did not have surrounding it, moisture that could set up mildew to form...being enclosed in a tight form...the liklihood of mildew would present itself more easily.

What do you think?

Subject: RE: Cocooning dahlia
From: Shapiro (
Zone: 5
Date: 28-Dec-04 07:12 PM EST

Sounds peculiar to me too! I thought the idea was to keep the tuber dry (but not too dry!) and therefore people sometimes store dahlia roots in slightly moist peat moss, or something like that. But wrapping each separate tuber in Saran Wrap sounds a little OCD to me, besides, I think it would cause the thing to mould or turn to mush.

Subject: RE: Cocooning dahlia
From: Ceedub
Zone: 6a
Date: 19-Jan-05 01:08 PM EST

This sounds peculiar to me too; everyone I know who has daliahs puts them in peat moss and stores them in the garage over the winter. I am a newcomer to daliahs, and will be planting several this spring. I think my garage would get too cold in the winter to overwinter daliah tubers; does anyone know if putting the tubers in a refrigerator would be okay? After having "properly" prepared them that Thanks!

Subject: RE: Cocooning dahlia
From: Harvey DeGering
Zone: 8b
Date: 21-Feb-05 03:19 PM EST

I'd never heard calling it cocooning. After digging I let them dry in a cool place; the eyes seem to show up better than when they are first dug. I use a knife with a razor type blade, available at any hardware store, as that makes it easy to cut these tough little guys. Now I look for the eyes, cut so each piece has an eye. I store them in small cardboard boxes with slightly dampened peat moss. As we have heavy clay, I dig a hole, fill the bottom with clean sand, (again at the store), put in the tubers, about 3 to a hole, and pour sand over them. They reach through the sand to fertile soil. Come fall, they are easy to dig and clean.

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