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Subject: herbs
From: Margie
Zone: 4a
Date: 25-Dec-04 02:43 PM EST

I have been trying to keep herbs growing all winter long. My worst experience to keep alive longer than 20 days is rosemary. I just bought 2 rosemary trees. They are about a foot tall and I do believe I am going to keep these!! I want to keep some Greek oregano going, but just finding a start bigger than a couple inches and sick is hard to find. I get some success from seeds, but wondering if there is some place out there that has good, healthy starts. I've bought from a couple different places and nothing except for the mint seems to last.

Any ideas? I keep everything inside during the winter and either outside or in a greenhouse during the spring/ summer/early fall (before frost).


Subject: RE: herbs
From: (
Date: 28-Dec-04 07:01 PM EST

The best place for herbs is Richter's. Look them up:

The thing about rosemarys and overwintering them indoors is that they want lots of water but the soil has to drain very, very fast (they can't stand soggy roots) A good southern exposure is important, then watering maybe twice per week and misting, too. But don't let the water sit in the saucer! That should do it. Good luck!

Subject: RE: herbs
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 03-Jan-05 04:57 PM EST

I've had good luck with overwintering herbs if I keep them cool and dry. My basement is around 50oF and I've kept my rosemary now for 5 years and have overwintered some tender sages and variegated marjoram.

Subject: RE: herbs (Rosemary)
From: Joyce
Zone: 4
Date: 20-Jan-05 10:08 AM EST

I'm new here, so bear with me. I have been given a beautiful Rosemary bush (3feet tall) to overwinter. I have had it since late fall and she was doing fine. I have her in a south full length window of my walkout basement. I have misted her and watered her from the bottom as needed, but now I notice the back of the plant is brown and dropping leaves. From the messages I've read here she probably isn't getting enough light but can she be saved? Thanks for your help.

Subject: RE: herbs
From: Dan (
Date: 30-Jan-05 07:22 AM EST

Hmm, "back of the plant is brown." What part is that, Joyce? Is it facing the window or into the room? I suspect it is the part away from the window. In this case, I would agree with you that it is not getting enough light on that side of the plant. One good thing to do, when watering your indoor plants is to give the whole shebang (pot and plant) a quarter turn. Make sure that you keep turning it in the same direction. This way, assuming a weekly watering, the plant will have made a full revolution in a month. Two things will happen, hopefully. The first is that all leaves will receive their share of the light and the plant won't feel it needs to shed those that aren't contributing their fair share. (That's my read on the "brown on one side". Another remote possibility is that you have a male dog who is leaving his signature when you are not looking.)The second is that the plant will remain upright and not lean to towards the light source.Finally, we've just come through the darkest days and all plants will show some stress due to this. If you've made it this far, then your rosemary should make it through. Good luck.

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