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Lucia03-Dec-04 06:41 AM EST 5b   
Art C. Drysdale05-Dec-04 10:36 AM EST   
Lucia06-Dec-04 08:54 AM EST 5b   
Shapiro28-Dec-04 06:56 PM EST 5a   

Subject: witch hazel
From: Lucia
Zone: 5b
Date: 03-Dec-04 06:41 AM EST

Just wondering if anyone has grown any of the witch hazels in zone 5b. Canadian Gardening magazine has a small article on them this month--as did fine gardening mag last year.I've never grown them. We live in a fairly exposed area in terms of wind which makes me curious about the hardiness. Does any one have experience with any of the varieties locally. The variety hamamelis intermedia 'ruby glow' looks particularly nice as the leaves look to be a brilliant red in the fall. Does anyone have any experience re how tall they may be able to grow in this zone?

Subject: RE: hamamelis query
From: Art C. Drysdale
Date: 05-Dec-04 10:36 AM EST

Lucia! I suggest you read my article this week about Cotinus coggygria which we originally thought was onoly hardy in zone 6 until I found it at Pierre Berton's house in the mid 60s. 'Ruby Glow' Hamamelis would be worth trying if you have a protected spot in which to plant it. Just exactly where are you located?

Subject: RE: hamamelis query
From: Lucia
Zone: 5b
Date: 06-Dec-04 08:54 AM EST

We are located about 15 km east of Kingston about a kilometer off Lake Ontario. We don't get consistent or deep snow cover in Kingston...a lot of it melts quickly and we end up with many freeze/thaw cycles-- which are quite hard on things of course.

Subject: RE: hamamelis query
From: Shapiro (
Zone: 5a
Date: 28-Dec-04 06:56 PM EST

Lucia - I live in Ottawa - we get more reliable snow cover than you do in Kingston. I work near the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)and just outside the CHEO cafeteria there is a very sheltered patio, enclosed on all sides - it has a fine collection of shrubs (somebody knew what they were doing!) Anyhow, this fall I saw in this patio for the first time in my life a beautiful Witch Hazel in full bloom right up until we had our first snow mid-December. The flowers were a reddish-yellow - the leaves were not red, if I remember rightly. I guess the point I'm trying to make here is lots of protection needed in Ottawa, and therefore probably even more so in Kingston. But if you had a very sheltered spot, southern exposure, a brick wall behind perhaps... it might work! Good luck!

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