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Maire19-Nov-04 08:38 AM EST 6a   
Patricia19-Nov-04 05:01 PM EST 5   
Burnie21-Jan-05 06:39 PM EST 5b   
Diane09-Feb-05 02:47 PM EST 5   
Alison22-Feb-05 06:19 AM EST 5b   

Subject: fall blooming flowers
From: Maire
Zone: 6a
Date: 19-Nov-04 08:38 AM EST

I am getting married next fall and have thought about doing my own centerpieces. I am having an autumn inspired wedding and have no idea which flowers would be at their peak for october 15'th. I'm planning on potting them in the summer so they will be in full bloom by fall. Any ideas would be really helpful.

Subject: RE: fall blooming flowers
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 19-Nov-04 05:01 PM EST

Maire - don't know where you are located (province, region) but I suggest that you talk to local gardeners where you are, like Garden Club members. Don't know how to reach those? Talk to the owner/manager of your biggest nursery. Here in the Ottawa area, October 15 is the "tail end" of the garden, but we still have all kinds of mums, "Autumn Joy" sedums, asters, etc. in bloom on Oct. 15 - but in your zone and region, things may well be different.

Subject: RE: fall blooming flowers
From: Burnie (
Zone: 5b
Date: 21-Jan-05 06:39 PM EST

Marie Last year in October I had growing Anemones in white and Rose colour (there are many different shades. Also lots of Snapdragons some poppies and daylilies, and white feverfew would be nice for a filler. Hope this helps. Burnie

Subject: RE: fall blooming flowers
From: Diane
Zone: 5
Date: 09-Feb-05 02:47 PM EST

I hate to throw cold water on any wedded bliss but...

have you considered where the bugs might take part in the festivities...

your guests might feel like removing shoes to have a wack at the experience.

"There's one, ..and there goes another"...."whoop..I got one" "yeah, you got it and I now have it on my cummerbund".

"Oh and an earwig for the bride." "How thoughtful".

Subject: RE: fall blooming flowers
From: Alison
Zone: 5b
Date: 22-Feb-05 06:19 AM EST

Its nice that you are in a 6 zone because you have a better chance of having something left by the 15th. Protection at night will be an issue as well so that night frosts don't undo all your hard work. Ornamenta Kale is gorgeous with mums in tubs and planters. Liatris is happy to bloom in the fall with the black eyed susans but may be done by the middle of october. Interesting autumn/harvest themed centerpieces can be created by using hollowed out gourds and pumpkins as vases. Have you considered some interesting foliage as well like coleus? I've had nasturtiums still going in the fall as well as geraniums. As for bugs, a good sudsy spray the morning of should help. Best of luck and congrats.

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