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sticky calamdon leaves

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rose07-Nov-04 12:21 PM EST 4a   
crocus21-Nov-04 05:44 PM EST   
Rose27-Nov-04 07:50 AM EST   

Subject: sticky calamandon leaves
From: rose
Zone: 4a
Date: 07-Nov-04 12:21 PM EST

My calamandon tree leaves have developed a sticky sap on its leavs. Anybody know what that might be, if it could damage my tree, and what I should do about it? Hope someone out there h as experience with this. My tree is inside.


Subject: RE: sticky calamdon leaves
From: crocus
Date: 21-Nov-04 05:44 PM EST

Rose,You might have mealy bugs or Aphids on your tree. It's a very diffecult job but inside,where you have the tre the best thing you can do is wipe every single leaf on the top and bottom with a damp cloth with rubbing/wood alcohol. Just incase it might be Mealy bugs make also sure you rub the axels,this is the point where the leaf stem comes from the branch.

Subject: RE: sticky calamdon leaves
From: Rose
Date: 27-Nov-04 07:50 AM EST

Thanks for you reply crocus. Would you use the rubbing alcohol straight or diluted? Would you remove the sticky leaves? So far only a small number of leaves are affected. Again, thanks for your suggestions. I don't see any bugs. I did have one plant close by that had the small white bugs on it. I had taken it in from outside and hadn't sprayed it and now I'm paying for it. I have removed it from my other plants and have sprayed it a couple of times.


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