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Seeding grass

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Trish25-Oct-04 09:28 AM EST 8a   
Wendy Power26-Oct-04 08:24 PM EST 7   
Trish27-Oct-04 08:52 AM EST   

Subject: Seeding grass
From: Trish
Zone: 8a
Date: 25-Oct-04 09:28 AM EST

I used weed killer on several large patches of clover in the lawn - it killed the grass!

Is it too late to sew grass seed? If so, could I sew winter Rye - just to hide the ugly brown? I've used the Rye on my vegetable garden and it looks quite attractive.


Subject: RE: Seeding grass
From: Wendy Power
Zone: 7
Date: 26-Oct-04 08:24 PM EST

Trish... First question - Where are you? If you're on the Left Coast, like me, there's lots you can still do.

Most weed killers aren't selective so that's probably why you had a problem.

Fall is the best time to reseed a lawn - especially out here. Grass goes dormant during the dry, hot summers so planting now is better.

First off - rake up all the dead stuff [AKA de-thatching]. To aid drainage, topdress with some sand and screened compost. Aeration is a step to take if you're able - rent a machine or just wander the yard in golf spikes.

Go to a quality Garden Center to find grass seed suited to your area. Consider shade, heavy use, etc. The winter rye you spoke of is usually best for over-wintering as a cover crop for veggie gardens. When it's dug under in early spring it feeds the soil as it breaks down.

Moisten the soil lightly, distribute the seed evenly and then use a lawnroller to ensure the seed makes good contact with the soil. When you're just working on a patch it's a good idea to overseed the surrounding area so it "blends in".

You should see new grass growing pretty quickly so keep the dogs and kids [and husbands with putters] off as long as possible.

Even more beneficial to your lawn would be to fertilize with a LOW nitrogen fertilizer. You want root, not top, growth to prepare for winter. Wait a couple of weeks after seeding so as to not burn the new seedlings. If you have the time, and weather permits, try to get some lime on there too. Wait a week after fertilizing and use pelleted lime [Dolopril] - way easier and cleaner.

It's much easier than it sounds but a healthy lawn will keep out the weeds on it's own. Happy! Happy!

Subject: RE: Seeding grass
From: Trish
Date: 27-Oct-04 08:52 AM EST

Thanks Wendy. I'm in Powell River - have already done the de-thatching so will try the seed.

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