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Dorothy24-Oct-04 01:30 PM EST 5a   
dorothy24-Oct-04 01:40 PM EST 5a   
Patricia05-Nov-04 06:02 PM EST 5   

Subject: name this plant
From: Dorothy (
Zone: 5a
Date: 24-Oct-04 01:30 PM EST

I was given some seeds but the name of the plant was not known. Could anyone help me name this plant. It grew about 5ft tall and the flowers were about 3"-4" and bright orange. The foliage was quite furry, and the leaves were up to 6"long and heavily lobed.The one thing that was new to me was the stalk holding the very prickly seed case, seemed to widen close to the head ONce the seed head was ripe it fell over about 4" from the head.I will grow it again, but to give seeds away I like to name them.The name Mexican sunflowers seems to stick in my head. The seeds are something like Marigold but the seed part is like a black V.Does anyone have any ideas?

Subject: RE: name this plant
From: dorothy (
Zone: 5a
Date: 24-Oct-04 01:40 PM EST

just found out this is tithonia rotundiflora

Subject: RE: name this plant
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 05-Nov-04 06:02 PM EST

I agree, those are tithonias, also known as Mexican sunflowers. They are amazing with blue flowers nearby, for instance, dark blue delphs - sort of psychedelic!

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