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Subject: Neighbourly love!
From: Nil
Zone: 3a
Date: 14-Oct-04 01:08 PM EST

I am new to this country and recently bought a house in Edmonton, Alberta, canada. Leaves from our tree falls on our neighbours yard and they rake it and throw it in our flower bed, I have provided them with garbage bags and they are still doing it. Is there any bylaw or am I stuck with the problem?

Subject: RE: Neighbourly love!
From: wendy
Zone: 7b
Date: 16-Oct-04 10:32 AM EST

Nil, your best solution to this problem would be to rake your tree's leaves, bag them and save them. Layer them with your grass clippings and any soil you would like to improve. in a composter, and you'll make a beautiful mulch and/or soil admendment.

Subject: RE: Neighbourly love!
From: L.
Zone: 3a
Date: 19-Oct-04 09:18 AM EST

As a fellow Edmontonian, I would suggest contacting your city councillors for advise. They'll be more familiar with bylaws and the like. You could also consider leaving the fallen leaves in your flower beds as mulch. Even though it doesn't seem that snow cover will be a problem this year, the added mulch layer will only benefit your perennials in the long run, and the leaves are easily removed in the spring. I beg for fallen leaves from my neighbors every fall as all of our old birch have died due to the drought. No mature trees results in no leaves for mulch. I spread 10 bags of my neighbors leaves over top of my perennial beds this fall for additional protection. There's really no excuse their rudeness however, and you should find out what your rights are from the City of Edmonton, just for sake of argument if nothing else. Unfortunately people are far less "neighborly" these days and there seems to be a "hate-on" for trees and their "mess", all of which I find mind boggling. There aren't nearly enough gardeners out there any more. I have worked in many garden centres over the years, and have heard similar stories, so your situation does not surprise me at all. It's probably best if you can come to some kind of concensus with your neighbor, and if all else fails mediation is available within the city to resolve ridiculous problems such as these. Good luck.

Subject: RE: Neighbourly love!
Date: 19-Oct-04 12:37 PM EST

Thank you for the information. I was thinking in the same line (use it as mulch). I don't want to fight over leaves with my neighbours. And i am definitely not going to cut down my trees (The reason we moved to the neighbourhood were for the beautiful trees). Thanks

Subject: RE: Neighbourly love!
From: JoanneS (
Zone: 3a
Date: 17-Jan-05 10:50 AM EST

I am fortunate to live in a neighbourhood with lots of mature trees. They provide a sound barrier from traffic, help keep my home cool in the summer, and are a fabulous privacy screen. It amazes me how people drive through our neighbourhood, fall in love with its beauty, buy a home here, and then proceed to knock down all the trees on their property so they can get some sun.

From what I understand about our bylaws in Edmonton, legally, the leaves are yours. It would be the same if any branches were hanging over onto their property. Legally, if they overhang on your neighbour's property, your neighbour can cut them down, but he has to return the branches to you. Obviously, your neighbour knows this, and is being quite petty about returning "your" leaves.

I cannot imagine why your neighbour would do this sort of thing. It makes no sense to me to alienate a neighbour, and potential friend, over some leaves. Obviously, they don't like the leaves and are trying to tell you this, without actually saying anything. Very standard passive-aggressive behaviour.

If I were in your shoes, I would probably go knock on their door next fall, rake in hand, and very pleasantly and sweetly offer to rake up "my" leaves from their yard.

Good luck, and don't let them get to you.

Subject: RE: Neighbourly love!
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 23-Jan-05 07:39 PM EST

Hi! and welcome to Canada. My feeling is: it's your tree, they are your leaves. But look on this as an opportunity to make friends with your neighbours. You never know when you might need help from a neighbour - better to be on good terms if at all possible. So if your tree sheds leaves on their side, why not go over with a bag and offer to gather them? A good start for a conversation... Good luck!

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