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Russian Stonecrop and Golden Stonecrop

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Lori06-Oct-04 02:49 AM EST 5   
Nancy12-Oct-04 02:10 PM EST 5   

Subject: Russian Stonecrop and Golden Stonecrop
From: Lori
Zone: 5
Date: 06-Oct-04 02:49 AM EST

I go on your web site regularly and really appreciate all the help I receive from everyone. I was given two Golden Stonecrop and one Russian Stonecrop to plant in my perennial garden. Can anyone tell me what they think of these two perennials? I hear that they're quite invasive, and can take over the whole perennial island in no time. Should I risk planting them? Thanks again for all your help.

Subject: RE: Russian Stonecrop and Golden Stonecrop
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 12-Oct-04 02:10 PM EST

Hi Lori,

I do find the plain Russian stonecrop (S. kamtschaticum) to spread pretty aggressively. In my view, neither the flowers or foliage are worth the aggravation. But it does pull out fairly easily. I really like the variegated form, which is far less a problem.

The worst one I have, however is S. reflexum, or Blue Spruce stonecrop. Spreads extremely fast, every little bit of it will root in almost anything and smothers out virtually everything in it's path. Beware!

Golden stonecrop (S. acre) does spread, but nowhere near as quickly as these other two. It's a keeper in my books.

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