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Feral cats and the constant battle!

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Doris05-Oct-04 06:24 AM EST 6b   
barb05-Oct-04 11:00 PM EST 1b   
08-Oct-04 01:14 PM EST   
Ann 22-Oct-04 03:53 PM EST   

Subject: Feral cats and the constant battle!
From: Doris
Zone: 6b
Date: 05-Oct-04 06:24 AM EST

We are at our wits end. There are 15-20 feral cats in our neighborhood and they use our yard and gardens as their personal litter box!

We like to play croquet with our Grandchildren but poop on the bottom of shoes is kind of unpleasant.

Of course, with snow coming soon, you might think we'll be free of this problem until Spring...


They will poop on our shovelled walk!

What have we tried, to date?

We have mulched ALL the beds. We have used cayenne pepper. We have used $36/bottle fox urine!!! (Ugh!!!) We have used mothballs. The worst area was along the back side of our house so we dug down 6", laid weed plastic and filled with crushed rock. Now they go along the grassy edge of the crushed rock!!!

Everything works - but for a minute!

My husband has even taken out the bb gun and shot the ground near them just to frighten them away. Now, when you start to open a screen they fly out of the yard. BUT, they come back!

Woe is me....

Subject: RE: Feral cats and the constant battle!
From: barb
Zone: 1b
Date: 05-Oct-04 11:00 PM EST

How about the new motion sensor activated water sprinkler! Has anyone tried one to chase off the cats?

Subject: RE: Feral cats and the constant battle!
Date: 08-Oct-04 01:14 PM EST

someone told us to try coco chippings not sure if they work???


Subject: RE: Feral cats and the constant battle!
From: Ann
Date: 22-Oct-04 03:53 PM EST

We have the same problem, it is caused by our neighbour who is a kindly person. She feeds every cat that comes around, so now they get boxes dropped off at night. Consequently, they come to our place too. Our own cat is terrified to go out as they have attacked her, we go out and shout at them and they run off temporarily. They are eating out of our compost pile too. I saw one on our bird feeder yesterday. No hopes of catching them to take them home either. We live in the country by the way. Help !!!!

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