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Types of bulbs under cedar trees

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Subject: Types of bulbs under cedar trees
From: Pat
Zone: 8
Date: 10-Sep-04 04:33 PM EST

Have lots of space under my cedar trees, right now its home to hostas, ferns, vinca vine, creeping charlie and gout weed, all doing very well. I want to plant some spring bulbs in this area as well. I know certain things don't do well under cedars, any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Subject: RE: Types of bulbs under cedar trees
From: PatA
Zone: 3
Date: 13-Sep-04 10:14 AM EST

Your problem is not the cedar trees but the shade. All the plants you list are shade tolerant. Try some of the smaller bulbs that tolerate some shade. I grow pushinka(striped squill), scilla(squill), iris reticulata, and the species tulips like tarda. Crocus are good but buy the landscape size slightly bigger bulb so they have a good chance to get going. Also check with your local nursery regarding early spring blooming woodland plants like trillium, lady slipper etc for more spring colour. Go soon for bulbs because the selection in most places is already getting down.

Subject: RE: Types of bulbs under cedar trees
From: Pat
Date: 15-Sep-04 03:43 PM EST

Thanks I will try those bulbs. I realize that the shade can be a problem but certain plants will not grow under cedar trees because of the roots that the cedar trees have, they seem to kill several types of plants. But I'm certainly going to try your suggestions, I like the trillium idea.

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