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Suzanne29-Aug-04 07:55 PM EST 5b   
Patricia31-Aug-04 06:24 PM EST 5   
Suzanne31-Aug-04 06:44 PM EST 5b   

Subject: tree peony support
From: Suzanne
Zone: 5b
Date: 29-Aug-04 07:55 PM EST

Hi, I wondered if anyone had a suggestion for supporting the branches of a tree peony. I have 2 plants that are 4 yrs old, & the weight of the branches has bent several limbs-in fact I was ready to cut off, but they bloomed as well as the rest of the plant.The plants are too large for peony rings.They also get a heavy snow-load.If I pruned off the bottom branches and gave winter protection, would they sprout new upper branches. Blooms are wonderful. Thanks.

Subject: RE: tree peony support
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 31-Aug-04 06:24 PM EST

Here's how people supported perennials before peony rings, ther metal supports and bamboo canes were available: they used twiggy branches pruned from shrubs - things like apple tree prunings and the like. Depending on the plant, of course, sometimes all that is necessary is that you "plant" twigs nice and straight all around your plants, most of the time, you will need no string! As the plant grows, the bare twigs disappear amongst the foliage, but they serve the purpose of supporting the plant almost invisibly. In classic parlance, these twigs are known as "pea sticks" because, I guess, people used to use them to support pea vines. Anyhow, good luck with this!

Subject: RE: tree peony support
From: Suzanne
Zone: 5b
Date: 31-Aug-04 06:44 PM EST

Thanks Patricia--Yes, I have used branches for other things for support, butdidn't consider it for the peony shrub, but I guess if I cut some thick ones it just may help. Back to basics--right!!! Thanks for the suggestion. Suzanne

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