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Andrew Hopkinson27-Aug-04 12:07 PM EST 5a   
25-May-05 06:15 AM EST   
Dan26-May-05 07:08 PM EST   

Subject: Japanese Maple Tree problems
From: Andrew Hopkinson
Zone: 5a
Date: 27-Aug-04 12:07 PM EST

I have a full grown (over 6') japanese maple on the front lawn of my house that I just bought and I noticed that the leaves started shriveling this summer, now they are all shriveled. Is it dead? How would I know if it's dead? Do you need to water japanese maples? I thought we got plenty of rain this summer. Anyway, any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Subject: RE: Japanese Maple Tree problems
From: (
Date: 25-May-05 06:15 AM EST

some jap maple leaves will scorch in the strong sun despite (apparently) getting enough water. If possible, move plant to a location where it'll receive less strong afternoon sun. They tend to do best w/ an east sun.

Subject: RE: Japanese Maple Tree problems
From: Dan (
Date: 26-May-05 07:08 PM EST

Hey Andrew, you still have the tree? These maples can dry out very quickly in the sun. You can alleviate that problem with lots of mulch. Keep the soil moist and prevent the moisture from evaporating. You'll notice a significant difference. However, we've found that wind exposure is the crucial factor to their survival. Dry late summer winds are as hard on this plant as the cold dry January winds. Part of the problem is that the moisture loss causes the tree to look as if it is wilting due to lack of wateri,e, droopy leaves. Most people give it a healthy drink of water.. then another one... then another one... and the dried out tree drowns. You need to strike a balance between moisture replenishment and drowning. One of the best ways is to creat a bit of a wind break. Use a small evergreen hedge or a bit of latticed fence section ( privacy lattice works well) which can also serve as a backdrop that highlights the gorgeous colour and form of the best of the maples.

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