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Subject: mushrooms
From: Christina
Zone: 3
Date: 11-Aug-04 10:05 AM EST

I have brown mushrooms, some that seem to be growing in a ring. I also have white mushrooms. How do I get rid of them.

Subject: RE: mushrooms
From: GlenT
Zone: 7
Date: 12-Aug-04 07:52 AM EST

Christina--I suppose most fungicides would discourage mushrooms, since they are a fungus.

Personally, I love to see mushrooms in my garden. They are usually a sign of good, mature soil biology...esp. helpful around coniferous trees, also most shrubs.

But then I'm a bit of an organic/biological gardening nut!


Subject: RE: mushrooms
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 20-Aug-04 01:37 PM EST

From everything I've heard there's no good way of getting rid of mushrooms in your lawn.

I'm not exactly an organic gardening hardliner, but I'd be really hesitant to pour on a lot of fungicide. There's a lot of beneficial fungi that you might not want to kill off.

If I get mushrooms where I don't want them, I just kick 'em.

Subject: RE: mushrooms
From: PatA
Zone: 3
Date: 03-Sep-04 02:22 PM EST

Mushrooms usually aren't a problem in the lawn. In newly laid sod it's common to see them when the weather is damp and cool. Sod is grown in soil rich in organic material IE peatmoss, compost, or manure, perfect habitat for mushrooms.

Sometimes it's a sign of a condition called fairy ring. When this happens as the mushroom ring grows outward under the soil thousands of root-like mycelium strands are left behind forming quite a dense mat. This mat holds moisture above it but very little will soak thru it. If this happens you may notice grass in the centre of your ring will initially be darker, quicker growing than the rest of your grass but later it yellows and may even die out. To stop this, areate the ring so moisture can penetrate the mat of mycelium down to the grass roots. A good way to do this is use a garden fork to 'poke' the soil to a depth of 6" to 12" all over the ring. Then soak the area allowing the grass to hopefully regenerate. 'Poke & Soak' is a common term for this method. Skip the fungicides, they don't work well on mushrooms and why put in your soil anything that isn't necessary. The mushrooms themselves can be removed. Nancy's idea to "just kick 'em" is easiest but if you pull them and put them in the trash (not the compost pile) you are less likely to spread around the spores that cause more mushrooms.

I'm with GlenT, mushrooms add some character but if you ever see them in a clump that continually comes back and nowhere else, investigate the soil below. Often they grow where a piece of wood (tree root, stump, or even old lumber) is below the surface decaying. Remove the wood and the mushrooms will eventually stop coming up.

Subject: RE: mushrooms
From: Doktor Doom
Date: 01-Nov-04 09:41 AM EST

A professional landscape designer I know has tried everything to get rid of fairy rings and according to him the only way to get rid of them is to dig the entire ring out- dig outside the circle to a depth of two feet and replace the earth with new earth.

You may want to put a good soaking of a soft detergent with water over the earth before you fill in the hole.

Subject: RE: mushrooms
From: brent
Zone: 4b
Date: 04-May-07 10:04 PM EST

I find the best way to get rid of something growing wild is to find a use for it.

I started eating the fairy-rings (they're not bad, but you have to be careful in IDing them) and they died out. I started eating the Japanese Knotweed shoots behind our home, and they were gone next spring. Works every time!

Subject: Mushroom Growing Tools & Supplies
From: Y
Date: 15-Jul-13 04:53 PM EST

Hey Guys, just want to share a good site for all tools and supplies needed to grow mushrooms, do check it out -

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