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Subject: Roses & Bugs
Zone: 5
Date: 29-Jul-04 04:48 AM EST

Hi Everyone, I have a new polyantha 'The Fairy' rose which has bloomed beautifully, even if it is its first year. However, I obviously have an infestation of something which has eaten every last leaf, and left me with woody stems and just the veins of leaves. It is still trying to bloom, but looks rather sad and ridiculous. I spray it everyday with Safers spray for roses and other flowers. I have never seen an insect and this spray doesn't appear to be helping. Suggestions, Please.

Subject: RE: Roses & Bugs
Zone: 3b
Date: 10-Aug-04 08:36 AM EST

Hi everyone, we are having big problems with our roses this year.We live in Northwestern Ontario...warm summer, usual rainfall. We have two bushes beside the house,...south facing, shade from a large tree part of the day. don't know their names of course! They have been eaten...most of the leaves are full of holes, some leaves are yellow and although both produced flowers, they didnt' have as many as previous years. One bush is about 15 years old & has had the problem for, maybe, 5 years ... the other is about 5 years old. Can anyone help? early in the blooming season (July) we dusted with rose dust, then two weeks ago sprayed with insecticidal soap/water...still no changes! Are these only good for burning? Thanks in advance for any advice! Gail

Subject: RE: Roses & Bugs
From: Sylvia
Zone: 5b
Date: 10-Aug-04 02:20 PM EST

Re the Polyantha.I understand that a certain type of bee can do this if it happens pretty well overnight or in a day or two. There are also little green worms that work away at rose leaves but it takes time to eat a whole bush. They are also easily treated with insecticidal soap or an insecticide. Nonetheless, the Fairy rose is a very insect and fungus resistant variety, so this is indeed strange. I grow two varieties of polyantha including Fairy and they are really tough plants that require no care other than feeding and deadheading.

Subject: RE: Roses & Bugs
From: Sylvia
Zone: 5b
Date: 10-Aug-04 02:26 PM EST

Re: the big holes in leaves.

I understand there is a type of leaf-cutter bee that can cut out large semi-circle or half moon pieces from the leaves. Does this sound like what happened?

Subject: RE: Roses & Bugs
From: gwen
Zone: 2a
Date: 10-Aug-04 02:47 PM EST

I have John Cabot roses and the same thing seems to be happening but not quite down to the stems. The holes are semi-circle from the outside inward. I have never seen anything strange about the bees and thought it was ants eating the leaves. If it is the bees, what gets rid of them?

Subject: RE: Roses & Bugs
From: dian
Date: 12-Aug-04 12:29 PM EST

It sounds like you have a problem with leaf hoppers sometimes called a may bug it is a reddish brown beetle pick then off when you see them and spray with insecticidal soap I hope this helps good luck.

Subject: RE: Roses & Bugs
From: Sylvia
Zone: 5b
Date: 12-Aug-04 02:58 PM EST

Here try this site. It is local to BC and talks about leaf cutter bees and semi circular bites out of the leaves.

You might also try a google search on roses and leaf cutter bees, I found lots of stuff.

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