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Pruning Grootendorst Roses

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Sheri28-Jul-04 12:05 PM EST 3a   
Carol28-Jul-04 01:27 PM EST 5a   

Subject: Pruning Grootendorst Roses
From: Sheri
Zone: 3a
Date: 28-Jul-04 12:05 PM EST

I have planted 2 Grootendorst Roses this year. I've been pruning off the dead flowers as I find them, but I'm wondering if I need to cut back the entire bush in the fall, or should I just let it be?

Subject: RE: Pruning Grootendorst Roses
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 28-Jul-04 01:27 PM EST

Just prune in the spring, cutting back any branches that have died back. As the saying goes "when the forsythia blooms, it's time to prune the roses". Usually at this time, roses are just starting to bud out so you can see what's living and what's dead wood. In the interim, you only need to cut back branches that are getting too long and in the way. Grootendorst has some viscious thorns!

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