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"Miss Kim" lilac leaf problems

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Lori28-Jul-04 05:18 AM EST 5   
Patricia28-Jul-04 06:35 PM EST 5   
Paula12-Sep-04 02:47 PM EST 5b   
julie d25-Sep-04 09:44 AM EST 5b   
Michael Sweeney28-Sep-04 04:18 PM EST 4   
Jana18-Oct-04 08:07 AM EST 7a   
Doktor Doom01-Nov-04 09:37 AM EST   
mary1961@adelphia.net29-Jul-07 12:18 AM EST 7a   
patgib@optonline.net26-Sep-10 06:59 PM EST 6b   

Subject: "Miss Kim" lilac problems
From: Lori
Zone: 5
Date: 28-Jul-04 05:18 AM EST

I really need your help to find a solution regarding my "Miss Kim" lilac problems. I planted this lilac in the spring of this year, and all the leaves are curled and turning brown from the bottom to the top. Could you tell me what the problem might be, what would the solution be, and can this lilac be saved? Your reply is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Subject: RE: Lilac with curling leaves
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 28-Jul-04 06:35 PM EST

Curling leaves on lilacs usually means severe drought. If that's not what's happening where you are, then cut off a branch and take it to your nearest really good nursery. Ask them what's wrong. Good luck!

Subject: RE:
From: Paula
Zone: 5b
Date: 12-Sep-04 02:47 PM EST

I have the exact same problem--new plant this spring, draught is not the issue, as it gets plenty of water, soil is good. Hoping someone else can provide a solution--will probably try the nursery for answers as posted. Will advise if I can get an answer.

Subject: RE:
From: julie d
Zone: 5b
Date: 25-Sep-04 09:44 AM EST

does it get enough sun at leasy 6 hours a day. If you have a local county extension office in your town I would check with them.

Subject: RE: "Miss Kim" lilac leaf problems
From: Michael Sweeney (
Zone: 4
Date: 28-Sep-04 04:18 PM EST

We had the same problems with our lilacs this past season. I took a sample to our local nursery and they identified the problem. A small white worm. It burrows it self in the leaf and seems to leave small black beads (eggs?). They recommended that I remove all the effected leaves by breaking the leaves at thier stem were it connects to the branch (the whole lilac had to be done) and spray the tree with Malathion 500EC by Green Cross. They also said I may have to do this twice and they were right. Hopefully I'll be able to catch it early next spring.

Subject: RE: Miss Kim Lilac
From: Jana
Zone: 7a
Date: 18-Oct-04 08:07 AM EST

I too have had lilac problems. Mine was planted spring before last and had wonderful blooms the first year. However, this year their were no blooms (I did not prune) and the leaves are curling under. They have the white worm on the leaves as well as powdery white on the main trunk. I have sprayed with almost everything over this past season and nothing has helped. There was no drought problem. Sun was probably not enough though. The info available in this forum was very helpful. I will cut it back and hopefully I will not lose it.

Subject: RE:
From: Doktor Doom
Date: 01-Nov-04 09:37 AM EST

The little eggs can be effectively treated with Doktor Doom House & Garden Spray. Unlik malathion which is being banned due to very high toxicity and other health related problems, you can apply the doktor doom just once and it will eliminate the eggs as they hatch.

Doktor Doom has just introduced a new product that effectively removes the smell caused by the white powder- for info call 1-800-452-0023

Subject: RE: miss kim lilac pest problem
Zone: 7a
Date: 29-Jul-07 12:18 AM EST

I planted miss kim lilac bushes, my soil is red clay. I live in north georgia. We did have a little bit of a drought after I planted them but I watered them to get them established. A few weeks later the drought improved greatly. But now I see the leaves curling in and brownish/purple and brown dots all on the leaves and stems, the whole bush is affected. What do I do any help is appreciated.

Subject: miss kim lilac problems
Zone: 6b
Date: 26-Sep-10 06:59 PM EST

I have two Miss Kim lilacs the look awful. They have curling leaves and white spots on them. What can I do??

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